Future of Commercial Excellence and Digital Strategy Summit 2023

20 - 21 Sep 2023
Vienna | Physical | Online | Hybrid
The most profitable business owners and leaders know that business transformation, commercial excellence, and digital strategy are never-ending processes. Putting the consumer first is only possible if you have connectivity and creative solutions to optimize the data at your disposal. If these macroeconomic forces move upward, investing in your commercial talents will add value and set your organization apart, especially since many markets are experiencing economic and commercial downturns. It is an outcome-driven strategy that draws on proven solutions taken from the most successful clientele. Compared to traditional transformation programs, it is built around a succession of trials for maximum flexibility, minimal risk, and the capacity to quickly scale up patient-centric design for your digital engagement and integrate the most recent technological advancements, such as AI and cloud systems, and real-time action data into the pharmaceutical marketing model to make strategic digital decisions that reshape and improve the experience for everyone from patients to transactional users.

Topic Highlights

  • Transforming experiences with new tech, cloud & AI
  • Latest digital trends shaping pharma marketing into first-class HCP, patient and stakeholder approaches
  • Build your digital heart: Improvise the way we approach digital health
  • Search vs Social? What will drive healthcare engagement in 2023?
  • Redefining digital roadmap for commercial innovation
  • Disruptive Thinking: Embracing Change and Driving Innovation.
  • Orchestration and Execution of an Omnichannel Strategy.
  • Accelerating Marketing Tactics with Data-driven Decisions.
  • Achieving the Best Launch Outputs with an Integrated X-functional Digital Launch Plan.

Meet the experts

Pronovea has carefully assembled a speaker faculty of leading executives, directors, thinkers, and innovators to provide the blueprint for the Future of Commercial Excellence and Digital Strategy in 2023. Join us for engaging panel discussions, case study presentations, interactive breakout sessions, and insights from leading professionals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Fredrik Holmboe Photo
Dualia - Inbound marketing for Life Science Logo
Fredrik Holmboe

Dualia - Inbound marketing for Life Science

Digital Transformation Specialist

Maria Nieves Alvarado Photo
Astellas Pharma Logo
Maria Nieves Alvarado

Astellas Pharma

Associate Director, Global HCP Portal Lead

Rodolphe Janssens Photo
Gilead Sciences Logo
Rodolphe Janssens

Gilead Sciences

Director Commercial Operations BeLux

Andrew Binns Photo
AstraZeneca Logo
Andrew Binns


Head of Digital & Innovation

Catarina Santos Photo
Novartis Logo
Catarina Santos


Executive Director

Pablo Moreno Photo
Pablo Moreno


Strategic Business Excellence Director Iberia

Florian Gäng Photo
Bayer Logo
Florian Gäng


Director, CX & Service Design

Veronika Schweighart Photo
Climedo Health GmbH Logo
Veronika Schweighart

Climedo Health GmbH

Co-Founder & COO

takeaways and benefits

Pronovea provides an excellent opportunity to connect and reconnect. Our summits provide you with a way of building connections and forging partnerships, as a strong network is necessary for corporate success. We bring a valuable forum for a range of different functions, helping people to share ideas, make decisions, and build team relationships across industries.

what people say about us

Our relationships with our clients are the most important and valuable part of our work and what we stand for. As our clients come from Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia, and Africa, our conferences truly take place worldwide. Senior decision-makers from all over the world meet at our summits to discuss the biggest problems facing their industry and to find viable solutions.

We at pronovea provide the market's most interactive and high-quality corporate conferences. We deliver the banking, telecom, pharma, and technology industries access to the most progressive and advanced business expertise available anywhere on the globe in one place. In order to return to their organisations with new, constructive ideas on how to advance their businesses, our clients depend on us to offer this information.